Our profile system is under development...
Even worse, our whole NNN system V2.0 is under development.

The hard part is the PHP programming. Any person who wants to help out can mail at us. See About window.

Meanwhile, enjoy NNN system V1.0! Thank you for your patience.


NNN wouldn't offer complete multimedia content without offering pictures, like photo's, images and other artistic work.
This widow, currently (V1.0), shows four links to four of our picture galleries on our sub-domains.


*PS. Links that don't work, mean that there is no content added yet.

Tutotrial NNN V2.0

WELCOME to a state-of-the-art modern web-layout!
This is V2.0_beta of the NNN layout. Hopefully this layout system will find its way to the NNN sub-domains soon!

This window shows a special usage tutorial for our layout. Since it is nothing like any other website has, we thought it might need some explaination.
You'll be guided step by step through our layout and its features.

Step 1: Go to the top of the page and click on the header title (NuckearNuke Network) to show links to our sub-sites, which offer all of our content.
Click our title again to hide the links.

Step 2: Go to the bottom right corner of this tutorial window and adjust the size by dragging the bottom right corner.
Now click on the upper left corner of this window and drag it somewhere to the left, within the dashed region. Adjust the window size if necessary.

Step 3: Now click on the LEGAL block at the bottom of your screen. A new window pops up, drag and adjust as you like, please read the text. It contains terms of service and disclaimer.
Click also on the COPYRIGHT block. Again a window pops up, do with it as you like. Please also read this text.
To close the LEGAL and COPYRIGHT windows, click on the LEGAL and COPYRIGHT blocks again.

Basically that's it! It kind of functions like the Windows operating system. You can have as many windows open as you want, and can easily close them.
Every window can be adjusted in size and can be dragged anywhere within the dashed region.
This main site may be loading/functioning relatively slow. This may be because of two reasons, this is a beta layout and is not fully optimised yet (for as far as it can be optimised), or your internet connection may not be fast enough since this layout has a bigger filesize than an average webpage.

Anyway, we hope you enjoy surfing with this state-of-the-art, nowhere else to be found, weblayout!
We are doing everything we can to give you the best experience! Any feedback is welcome at


NNN wouldn't offer complete multimedia content without offering books, like artbooks, manga, comics and more.
This widow, currently (V1.0), shows four links to four of our book galleries on our sub-domains.


*PS. Links that don't work, mean that there is no content added yet.


NNN wouldn't offer complete multimedia content without offering games, like 2D Games and 3D Games of any theme.
This widow, currently (V1.0), shows four links to four of our game galleries on our sub-domains.


*PS. Links that don't work, mean that there is no content added yet.


NNN wouldn't offer complete multimedia content without offering video's, like animation series, live-action movies and more.
This widow, currently (V1.0), shows four links to four of our video galleries on our sub-domains.


*PS. Links that don't work, mean that there is no content added yet.

About NNN

NNN (V1.0) is a network of total five websites. One Portal, what you are looking at now, which functions as a main site, and four sites that offer a lot of multimedia content.

NNN is brought to you by HydraGene WebDesign, a subdevision of the upper commander HydraGene Projects.

*Note: HydraGene Projects is still working very hard on the development of their website and the NuclearNuke Network, however content from the NNN can already be enjoyed.
Thank you for your understanding!



NNN Offers...

..., as said before, many multimedia content. This means, NNN will do its best to provide you with as much pictures, books, games and video's as possible.
With, at least, weakly updates, NNN will grow to one of the largest multimedia providers on the net.
Not only professional work will find its way into our database, but we invite amateur multimedia artists to put their work on the network too! Amateur artists have a totally free right to put whatever kind of work they have made on the NNN, as long as it is categorized good. Also, they (Premium Users) have an option to earn some money of their content by adding a banner/link code in the description of their work.


NNN thinks it's not only here to provide you with just multimedia content. NNN is something much bigger.
NNN seeks to change the world, by giving any user access to any multimedia! Many multimedia is only available for a specific region, NNN thinks it shouldn't be that way! For those people we will offer specific multimedia content for download.
Also, how many times did you buy something that seemed nice, but turned out to be lame!? Exactly! NNN will spare you the disappointments by offering anyone FREE TEMPORARY downloads! Download the media that seems nice to you, use it, and BUY it if you think it is nice or DELETE it from your storage device if you think it is lame.
Easy, right?

NNN also wants to change the world in an absolute democratic way. We are free to express and share whatever we want, right?
That's why almost any content is allowed on NNN, just keep it within certain boundaries, if it's about real-world content! Content outside those boudaries will be deleted, without further consequences.
We, human people, just need to be more tolerant to others. And NNN is going to teach you that.
Browse our content, and see something that you don't like? Well, too bad... Not everything can be according to your view/moral/whatever. Don't whine or rage and ignore or skip the content. It's really that simple!
Sounds harsh, I know, but it's just the hard real-world truth. Show us that absolute tolerance does exist!
We do not tolerate intolerance!


NNN does support entities that do support NNN also. Below you will find links to all of our partners. Check them out some time.

NuclearNuke Network Special Partners

| HydraGene Projects |

AnimationNuke Partners


Live-ActionNuke Partners


HentaiNuke Partners

| Hentai Knight | | HentaiCore | | Vaizard no Sekai | | WetPussyGames |

PornNuke Partners


Webmaster Resources

NNN uses several resources to make some content available and to earn some extra money. So...
Do you have your own website? And do you want to get rich while sitting on your lazy ass, and support NNN while doing just that!?
Then take a look down here, and sign up under the following affiliate links.
It will be appreciated. NNN will return a favor back to you.

NuclearNuke Network Resources

| Versio* | | 000Webhost* | | | | LinkBucks | | CoinURL | | | | IMGCloud | | IMG Money | | imageCorn | | ImgDino | | ImageFolks | | ImGrill | | TusPics | | PopAds | | MEGA | | DepositFiles | | TurboBit | | Rapidgator | | LetItBit | | ShareFlare | | Share-Online | | HugeFiles| | ExtaBit | | HotFile* | | Anonymous Ads | | RefBan |

AnimationNuke & Live-ActionNuke Only Resources

| Ad Dynamo | | SpeedyAds | | AdGridwork* | | Filezy | | HipFile |

HentaiNuke & PornNuke Only Resources

| ImagePorter | | ImageTwist | | imgChili | | PlugRush | | JuicyAds | | Ero-Advertising | | ExoClick | | AdXpansion | | TrafficHolder | | CrakRevenue | | Sextronix | | Legendary Stats | | thriXXXCash | | FPCTraffic | | HentaiClicks* | | NuVid |

* These, with *, will only be supportive to NNN. You will not gain money using these services.

Terms of Service

Firstly, by visiting the NuclearNuke Network(NNN), which means and its sub-domains and sub-pages, any visitor, in any form, declaires that he/she/it has read and accept the following conditions, that apply on the whole NuclearNuke Network.

Any visitor declairs that he/she/it is at the legal age for watching or even taking a quick look at all offered content. If you are not sure what age that is, take a look at your country's law.

Any visitor will only enter NNN for private purposes. That means, access to NNN is restricted for any visitor that is in duty at this moment.
We do not say that we are hosting highly illegal content, but we are saying this to protect ourselves from sudden attacks.

Any visitor will aknowledge these terms as fully pleadable. No exeptions at all! These terms can be used in NNN's defense and against anyone in court.
However, co-operation, between NNN and 3rd party, needs to escalate immensely for this to be brought in practise, which NNN is trying to avoid at all cost.
So, don't worry.

Secondly, free users have the following rights and must comply with the following rules.

Free users have the right to express and share whatever they want. But avoid the unnecessary and any real-world illegal content.
For example: real-world childporn is forbidden by law and on this server, however lolicon is allowed on this server. Real-world gore (non-hollywood) is forbidden, however animated or computer generated gore is allowed.
In return, we expect our users to be able to distinguish reality from fantasy.

Premium users have the same rights and rules as the free users, but on top of that added website functions.
For that, see the specific premium membership page at the specific sub-domain.

Thirdly, NNN will have the right to change these conditions at any time without prior notice.

If you do not accept all of these terms, then goodbye! Here is the EXIT.


NNN is, in the first place, not responsible for any damage, in any way, to the user. This includes, but is not limited to any physical, mental/emotional or financial damage.

NNN does not claim copyright on any offered content, unless clearly specified. All material is copyright protected by their respective owners.
If you are the owner of copyrighted material and do not want your material promoted on this site, then send an e-mail to


If you find any of these conditions confusing or want it all explained better, do not hesitate to mail us at

Copyright NuclearNuke Network

The layout of the NNN headquarters mainsite is highly copyright protected to the highest level.
This means that this layout can not be copied by anyone without specific written and signed permission!

The network names, which are NuclearNuke Network / NuclearNuke / AnimationNuke / Live-ActionNuke / HentaiNuke / PornNuke, are also copyright protected by NNN and therfore can not be claimed by anyone else.

Furthermore any website content is only copyright protected by NNN if it is stated clearly.

Copyright HydraGene WebDesign

HydraGene WebDesign is the command center of the NNN. NNN is owned by HydraGene WebDesign.

Copyright 3rd party

NNN offers content that is, mostly, not copyright protected by NNN. NNN does not claim copyright.
Any content offered by NNN is copyright protected by their respective owners. If you are the owner, and do not want your content promoted on NNN, then please send an e-mail to, and we will help you with any issue.